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Penny teaches how to adapt your focus, leaving stress behind, so that as a business professional you are empowered to manage multiple projects, create new products, build new business and maintain strong team deliverables on demand.

Today there are extraordinary requirements in balancing professional and personal lives.

There are physical, emotional and spiritual demands experienced every day which can cause stress, dissonance and anxiety. Workplace demands including projects, people, schedules, and financial constraints.

You are switching hats constantly and being asked for your very best strategic thinking in a multitude of disciplines.

Is this you or your employees at times in the work day?

  • If I could just slow my mind down.
  • I have so many things going on and I don't know where to start.
  • I don't have an answer to this problem. My mind is cooked.
  • If someone tells me I have to get one more thing done in the next 5 minutes I am going to explode.
  • I am a walking nerve ending.

Experience relief from the chaos in 30 seconds.

Focus Expert, Penny Pulz, has the leading program of it's kind.

Penny provides absorbing content, powerful stories and focus strategies and tactics designed to match your goals and objectives. Delivered with high energy, uninhibited wit and life-changing insights all the while her message is grounded with her favorite quote; "see the simple clearly".

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