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Sharing the power of focus in everything, everywhere

Put your seat belt on! On second thought, forget the seatbelt. Penny Pulz, ranked top 10 golfer in the world and Focus Expert, is your personal coach. Penny's coaching motto, See the simple clearly.

What would it be like if you could be comfortable and confident in any competitive scene to execute in excellence, on demand automatically and it’s NO BIG DEAL… It’s your normal.

Imagine making your focus adjustments on the fly to stay on track to achieving your goals. 

We dig into the steps using Penny’s Focus Determines Success book to immediately work your goals back into shape for executing on demand for winning results. 

A native Australian, today an American citizen, Penny Pulz ranked top 10 golfer in the world, speaker, author and focus expert. Other honors include two Top 50 Golf Teacher awards garnered over 15-plus years as a golf and focus coach.

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Focus Determiens Success, Penny Pulz
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Once you understand that competition
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Penny P{ulz Jr Golf Book
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