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Recovery Life Coach, Penny Pulz, builds a continous recovery life style

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 Penny was still suffering from panic attacks, migraines and ADHD mayhem 23 years into continuous recovery!


No Druges .. No Side Effects

In 4 fast months … Free at last!  Recovery living.   read more

What does a professional athlete and  person with addiction behaviors have in common?

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Winning in Recovery

What is Addition in 4 Mnutes?

Get productive instead of compulsive!

  They like to do everything over the top and big!

 Penny went from a top 10 golfer in the world to owning her Golf and Neuroscience Academy; but she struggled for 10 long years in transition from pro sport to business. Today a successful coach!

Current Blog Post

Neuroscience & Suzanne Pettersen's controversial choice on
winning the point for the European,
2015 Solheim Cup -

Published by Penny Pulz | Sep 22, 2015 |

Why was Suzanne's only option in the heat of competition: 'I did not give her that putt'?

She is a professional golfer. She knows the rules, understands that integrity and sportsmanship are as important to the game of golf as being a world-class golfer.

Yet in that moment, at the zenith of competing, she chose winning a point for Europe over being a professional sports person.

How does that happen? Let me explain from a neuroscience perspective.  read more >>


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