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Recovery Life Coach, Penny Pulz, builds a continous recovery life style

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Penny was still suffering from panic attacks, migraines and ADHD mayhem 23 years into continuous recovery!!!


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What does a professional athlete and  person with addiction behaviors have in common?

  They like to do everything over the top and big!

Penny went from a top 10 golfer in the world to owning her Golf and Neuroscience Academy; but she struggled for 10 long years in transition from pro sport to business. Today a successful coach!

What our clients are saying!I feel like I have my sense of self back! Working this program, having Penny's guidance, has literally changed my brain. I feel in control of my life and how I respond to the world around me, my ability to manage stress/focus and prioritize at work has completely changed. I am so much more relaxed in my skin, I sleep better, I'm less irritable and able to stay in the moment to enjoy it rather than worry about what's next.   Tracy L. November 2015, Phoenix, AZ


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One word to FOCUS on in 2016?

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Published by Penny Pulz | December 29, 2015       @FocusExpert

If you had to identify One Word to FOCUS on in 2016, what would it be?
Love to read your comments.

My word is FINISH.

I intuitively understand the meaning of FINISH in my work ... in my play and in my prayer life. The word FINISH has the depth of pain as well as joy to inspire me for the year.

When life gets tough, the tough keep going.
When life gets fun, then the fun keeps going.
When prayer life keeps going .... my heart keeps going in a sweet song of gratitude.


Feel like life is a bad hair day everywhere you look today?

Published by Penny Pulz | Dec 22, 2015 |               comments  @FocusExpert

Having a Bad Hair Day

Feel like life is a bad hair day everywhere you look today?

Here are 2 fast tips to switch your focus to find the Christmas spirt ... which changes your attitude from yourself to others.

No. 1.  Jump online and be inspired. 

No. 2. 
Find a laugh

You've just shifted your focus which changes your attitude from yourself to others.

Tis the season to be jolly!  Peace, Penny


Depression Recovery ... a tough ass fight you can win.

Published by Penny Pulz | Nov 19, 2015 |               comments  @FocusExpert

Depressded and Despondent No More! Depressed and Despondent NO More!

1. If we're being totally honest, the people who fight depression and its symptoms sound the opposite of weak. They are not weak. This kind of internal fight takes MASSIVE COURAGE.

2. Feeling depressed just means feeling sad or down ... no way! Being depressed is not the same as having depression.    read more >>

Search for wisdom, Seek the winners!

Published by Penny Pulz | Nov 8, 2015 |               comments  @FocusExpert

Best teacher of wisdom? ...  Life, Golf, Coaches

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